Step 1. Quotation

Tell us in as much detail your needs, timeline, budget and any other pertinent details, via our contacts page or by calling us directly so we can provide you with a FREE no-obligation design and/or print quote.

Step 2. Quote Acceptance / Project Start

Once you accept our design/print quotation and we agree upon your timeline and define your needs, the project will be off and running once a deposit (normally 50%) is paid.

Step 3. Briefing

The project starts with questions and answers. We can arrange a free half hour meeting at our office, or over the phone, in which we will guide you with a set of questions. Your answers will help inform us about your business, your needs and your personal design style and preferences. Any consultations there after will be charged accordingly.

Step 4. Initial Design

We get to work creating the initial different design concepts. Depending on the project type and size, the initial concepts could come to you in as little as 24-48 hours but this is not guaranteed as it depends on the status of other clients ongoing jobs.

Step 5. Initial Feedback

You consider the initial design concepts and provide feedback. With the feedback you provide us, we generate the next set of concepts.

Step 6. Refinement

We continue to refine the design based on your feedback until it meets with your complete satisfaction. You can feel free to ask for final small changes as we gradually narrow the options down until we arrive at the final design.

Step 7. Sign off

Once we arrive at the final chosen design, whether it’s a logo, brochure or a website design, we then require written confirmation by email, signing off on the project. We can then generate the final files for you and keep on our system. Before these files can be released, the final payment is made.

Step 8. Printing

As with our design process, signing off on print material needs to be in written format via email after pdf’s are submitted to you the customer. Any errors or omissions after signing off remain the full responsibility of the client. Reprints will be charged accordingly. Before final artwork goes to print, final payment is made.

Step 9. Final Delivery

Depending on the type of project, final files are released and provided to you electronically via email. Printed material can be collected in our offices or alternatively delivered to your requested address. This process will incur a delivery charge.

Step 10. Final Feedback

Once you have received the final files or printed material and another satisfied Diskin Design client is served, we would appreciate your feedback on your experience with us.